Video Poker

Having predefined odds of receiving each hand is a feature that makes every variation of video poker unique. The game is as straightforward as you can imagine it to be for a machine-based casino game. Like in slots, the machines have their way of working through the rounds but is of a completely different making. By being the host of a different game, the video poker machine has a different set of rules and odds that are more likely to work in your favour if the right best sg trusted casino strategies are used. Since video poker has a ground to which it sticks to in terms of the odds, myths are fewer in number than in slot machines. However, there is a substantial number of odds that still exist within the game. Let us have a look at some of these falsehoods to debunk them so that you have a good game.

1.      Royal Flush Covers a Significant Portion of RTP


The royal flush is considered to be the most-coveted video poker hand since it bases its payout on a 5-coin max bet that can give you 4000 coins. As the size of the bet is huge, people often believe the royal flush to be superior in the game. Many gamblers are so tenacious with this strategy that they hold onto the cards that form a royal flush. Not many of them know that the payout distribution for a royal flush and low hands are different and maintained so in every variation. Also, most of the wins will come from low-qualifying hands. Getting excited about the prospects of a royal flush can be warranted but not the factor of getting carried away by chasing the hand that comes by rarely.

2.      Making a living Out of Video Poker

The positive expectation value of video poker makes it the popular game it is today. Video poker can be beaten through the various rounds, but that doesn’t make the game worth embracing as a means of making a living. Most games with an RTP of more than 100% do not exist anymore, making it difficult for players to make enough money out of the game. The $1 and $5 denomination games are not being offered in the casinos these days, thereby putting the Deuces Wild winnings at a higher level of unachievable height. The casinos have also reduced comp rates; so, there are no possible ways for everyone to live with the winnings from a game of video poker.

3.      RTP Control by Casinos

A mistrust of machine-based games is prevalent these days too, and it happens due to the lesser visibility into the games’ inner working. In other games like blackjack and baccarat, the cards and the table are physical objects that play a part in the game. This has made many of the players to assume that casinos hatch devious plans to suck money out of the players with the machine-based games. Casinos do not function to control the RTP of certain games due to the digital grounds it is bound to. However, it can change during the weekends due to the bustle that the casinos witness during those days.


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